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Billie: My friends with three daughters were arriving Friday evening and at 8 PM. I realized I had no presents for my goddaughter or her sisters! I searched on my Blackberry and found six places that sold toys in [my] area, but they were either closed or didn't have what I was looking for. Then I found you! Thank you for introducing me to Discovery Toys - I liked the three toys I bought from you, but the girls LOVED THEM. When the 5 year old opened the Marble construction set she screamed: "This is exactly what I have wanted!!!" It was surreal. The Fishing ABSeas game was a huge hit with my 3 year old goddaughter, and we all listened to the classical music coming from the adorable stuffed animal bunny. You were amazing to so quickly and expertly put me together with these three toys that the girls found fun and educational. What a hit! Thanks for saving my goddaughter's birthday and making it one of her best! Murray F.

Hi, Billie ... Just wanted you to know that they loved the toys--especially the cups and the puzzles. Thanks for your help! Gladys

You may think this is crazy but the [Tangi]balls are for our German Shepard. It is the best ball we have ever found to play ball with him. Judy G, New Mexico

Hi Billie: When I think of Discovery toys, I think of you! Aiden has so much fun with Hammer Away here at my home. His birthday is August 14, 2011 when he will turn one year young. I am having a new Hammer Away sent to his home... as I wanted him to enjoy the toy in advance of his birthday. Thank you for your help! I love Manhattan and I enjoy knowing you. Jerry T.