Before her son was born, Billie had a successful career as an engineer. She was an analyst at International Paper Company's world headquarters and spent 6 years on Wall Street at The Chase Manhattan Bank, initially in the Operations Department, and later as a Second V.P. in the Controller's Department.

In 1983 she started her own company, importing costume jewelry from Paris and Milan, which she visited twice yearly for the trade shows. That business abruptly stopped when her baby was born. It became untenable to bring her baby with her on sales calls.

The Discovery Toys in the gift basket that her newborn baby received instantly became his favorites. It was unmistakable that he was more fascinated with these toys than his other toys! He found the bright colors and fun sounds engaging. It was apparent that these award-winning toys were designed with great care to stimulate early brain development. Mommies in her new moms group wanted to know where they could buy them. She joined the company posthaste and has been there ever since.

Billie's love of travel (she's visited 43 countries on 5 continents) has been fed by the company's annual incentive trips for 2, including Paris, Vienna and Rio de Janeiro. She continues to pursue a wide variety of interests from Art Deco, to the stock market, genealogy, old movies, and opera, all while raising her child and working at a home-based business she thoroughly enjoys. She holds a BS from Columbia and an MS from Stanford.